We are Christina and Brian, a newlywed couple who love travel, exploring, trying new things, eating, photography, wine, hiking, ziplining, aviation, and our Abyssinian cat Rudy, among other things. We left San Diego, our jobs, and are currently backpacking Europe for our honeymoon! Brian is originally from upstate New York, and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area – we both ended up in San Diego and later met there, had fun exploring a city new to both of us, got engaged, and were married in July. Keep up with us as we travel through Europe for the first time, and any other adventures we can get our hands on! Thanks for stopping by!

Contact: coupleoftravels2@gmail.com


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  1. Sounds like fun! If I could live anywhere (of the places I’ve been) strictly based on weather, it would be Escondido. I like that it is a bit dry and yet it is only “minutes” from the ocean. Sun and warm weather virtually every day of the year, awesome!

  2. Yes, the weather here is very mild, although I do miss having all four seasons! Sometimes it’s nice for it not to be freezing rain/snow, and sometimes I wish that it was!

  3. Great blog. I like your content and the artwork on your page.

    Congrats on all of the amazing things happening for you both in 2012!

    I write a solo travel blog for women with content geared toward first hand travel tips, insight, and anecdotes. I actually just drafted a post about traveling with a non-traveler. I’m intrigued that you both enjoy traveling & traveling as a couple….I’ll send you a link to when my post goes live on Monday (5/14).

    • Thank you!! Yes, I recognize that a lot of couples don’t have the same hobbies (one of those being travel). I honestly couldn’t picture being with someone who didn’t enjoy traveling – I would probably become a solo traveler πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to check our your post!

      • You’re the best, thanks!

        Yes, I pose the question to other solo travelers: “Is it by choice or by circumstance?” We spend so much of our time with our significant other. What happens when you don’t have a shared passion, especially one that entails leaving? It’s not like I’m passionate about gardening.

        Nice to meet you. Will keep you posted…

  4. What a great blog! I saw you “liked” my post, and came to check out your site, and I think we’re kindred spirits! My boyfriend lives in San Diego (I hope to join him soon!) and I am super into wine, travel, and photography! Following for sure!
    – Amy

    • Haha how funny – thanks!! Yes, we do have those things in common – but who wouldn’t like wine πŸ˜‰ I liked what you were saying in your post about perspective…I feel the same way about finances sometimes then have to remind myself that we are better off than millions if not billions of people in this world, so how can I complain??

  5. Great blog. And thank you for liking my post on the French village of Eguisheim. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to check it out during your backpacking trip. Also, my almost-husband is from San Diegoβ€”an incredible city with lots of great photo opportunities for a camera bug like me.

    • Thanks so much – likewise! Ohh yes, San Diego has a lot to take pictures of! I just got a brand new camera and have been itching to get out and play around with it!!

  6. Hi, Christina! Thanks for liking the Expat Almanac! Enjoyed your road to Hana. We’ve been to Maui once and loved it, but never got on that road trip. You’ve done it for us. Huzzah!

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